Dimension lines vanish what is best fix to this re occurring situation

Not for the first time I suddenly saw all dimension lines vanish as I performed a move, this time I had copy pasted an object and upon re-allocating it to a different layer, my dimension lines immediately vanished, just left with numbers and arrow tips, zooming made no difference,
tried undo to before that paste and no joy. save and restart rhino, no joy.
restart Pc and open the file, no joy.
nothing for it but to curse and redo the project, by showing all, and unlocking layers turning all layers on, select all, copy and paste to a new inches small file.
try dims and they work, however the layer order had been messed with, several layers had to be re-sited, meaning going through about 40 layers , took a while.

Now is there an easier way than this to solve this when it happens, and I have had vanishing dims before. never found copy paste to new file fiddled with my layer order though, that shouldnt happen either.

Are these issues known of and addressed in V6 ?



These are not known issues.

Do you still have a file with these partially displaying dimensions?
Please send it to tech@mcneel.com and include this URL:
Dimension lines vanish what is best fix to this re occurring situation


I have opened the file back up and drawn out some dims, and like the car that behaves at the garage, they now show.
yet I did all sorts inc reboot pc and they failed.

As they are now behaving I guess thats that gremlin not dancing about any more and visible to you.

Until the next time, this does happen from time to time.



I suspect there might be something goofy going on with display drivers.
To more effectively bang it in the head, if this happens again, reboot with only one monitor turned on, then restart with both and see what happens.
Just a hunch.

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