Dimension Leader For Moved Dimension Text?

Hello All,

Is there a method to automatically create a leader from moved dimension text to the dimension lines?
I like to add annotation notes to my dimensions and when dealing with denser sheets and scales this becomes problematic.

If not, are there any simple automatic workarounds… anything besides drawing out a leader from dim text to dim lines would be helpful.

Hello - is this the situation you’re asking about?


I do not have a good idea off hand.


Hi Pascal,

Yes it is! I don’t like to compare, but for reference the feature in AutoCAD is called Dim Styles>Fit>Text Placement>Over Dimensions Line With Leader


Hi Taylor - thanks. @mary - is this on your radar at all?


Hi @pascal , sorry to raise a thread from the dead, but has this feature been talked about by any chance?

I just wanted to kick this old topic up again. The dimensions are ever so close to doing everything I need. Creating leaders to the text itself, manually, is a huge chore. The example required me to draw an extra line as you can’t snap to the center of the horizontal dimension line. Moving text around manually is a little cumbersome but workable. The extra time needed to draw a line to the text is a bit of a killer but perhaps I can change my style/workflow to suit.
The automatic placement for the 4" dimension works well. But for tighter spacing (extremely common in architectural applications) you need the flexibility. Since the line appears automatically (as shown with the 4" dimension), I wonder if it isn’t a huge stretch to also automatically generate a leaderline as the text is moved in the Y direction? AutoCAD does this but it’s far from perfect. Revit’s functionality in this regard is probably the best, but that comes with a huge price tag of course.

I’m going to also add my +1 upvote for the ability to have a simple arc connect from dim text to dim center.

I see the potential workflow like this,

-move the text away from the leader by clicking the text placement point and moving it or using a modifier key like Shift+Click on the dim text to be able to move it and when it is placed, the arc leader is generated automatically. If the text moves, the arc is updated accordingly.

The arc dimension text leader is used a lot in Architectural construction documents and I imagine would be beneficial in any sector using dimensions in general.

Legibility is important in documentation and this small feature would help greatly particularly in details/plans with lots of density/information being conveyed.

@Gijs is this a feature that could be added as a request somewhere?

Thank you all!

I want to add my voice to this wish as well.

Here is my vision below:

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Personally I like arc/curve better. (Just my two cents)

Ideally we, as the users, would be able to toggle the following settings (in my mind):

  • leader style: 0=Arc, 1=Fillet, 2=Polyline(like your example @screamer), 3=Euclidean (straight line A to B), and 4=Manhattan Distance(Think, always getting a right angle)
  • leader text position: 0=Automatic, 1=Bottom, 2=Middle, 3=Top
  • leader text underline/extension: yes/no (what you show @screamer, with the leader extending to underline the extents of the text)

Attached is an R8 Grasshopper script mocking up a rough implementation of the curved leader idea.
The arc portion of the logic could be easily enough replaced with a polyline, Euclidean distance line, or Manhattan distance line. And a fillet radius could soften the polyline and Manhattan implementations.

Graph Space:


What do you think @keithscadservices ?

dimension_text_offset_leader_arc_example_script_01a.gh (26.4 KB)


It’s… awesome! I wanted to create this but it would have taken me months lol.

Also (unrelated) I forgot about that layer renaming issue. I did create something but with very limited testing I would need a file, with just the layers nothing else, to test it out and see if it works.

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The caveat is that I’m “faking” this in a sense in that I’m using a text entity that is separate from the dimension itself and giving the dimension an empty text value. I’m pretty confident that I could expose the actual dimension text position value from within a scripting API method but I haven’t explored that yet.

So I would just need the dim text point location and the dim line mid point and then draw the arc between them dynamically. Hopefully, I’ll have a chance to dig into the annotation API documentation to see what’s available in that regard!

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