Dimension Issue - measuring point will not move with copied object

I am running Rhino 7 on a new Macbook Pro M1 with Monterey.
I have confirmed this issue as well on my coworkers intel PC running windows 11

Here is a link to a video of the issue Click here for Video

I have a situation in which I would like to set up dimension lines on a 3D object so that when I move half of the object left or right, the dimension points move with the object and then report the new dimensions of the product. I make outdoor shades and I need this so that I can move my curtain brackets to their installed bracket location and it will report all the production measurements of the shade that have widths.

I designed the product in 3D and then set up curves in the same plane underneath it. These curves represent the outside to outside widths of various parts. This way the dimension lines are all in the same plane and not tied to quadrants of 3D objects. Now when I move my original instance of this product, the measurements all do what I expect them to do.

However, when I copy the object and then move half of it, the dimension lines no longer follow the curves that they are tied to. I made a little video to highlight this. Offscreen the only command I typed is copy and then copied my object and then tried to move the objects to see if the dimensions moved. They do not move in the copy version but do (mulitple times) in the original version.

Thanks guys!

Hi Justin - you can work around this limitation using copy/paste rather than Rhino’s Copy command.


Worked like a charm thanks!