Dimension in V6

In the attached file the dimension leaders are really long, even though I have every setting set short.Mount Print.3dm (624.6 KB)

Also, the scale on any layout is not carried over to V6, when I open a file in V6, that was made in V5 1/2 scale, the dimensions are all half.

Hi Don - thanks, I’ll check this.
@Don, I see this in your file but I can’t make it happen so far - if I make new dims I get something like this

Was this made in V5 and then opened in 6 or?



Yes, it was.

I just ran a test, this only seems to effect ordinate dimensions. The attached file was made in V5, when opened in V6 the ordinate dimensions values are scaled by 1/4. Test Dimensions.3dm (43.2 KB)

File created in V5, then opened in V6. The ordinate dimensions are wrong. If I create new ordinate dimensions in V6 they are correct.


Yep, I see that. thanks.