Dimension getting wrongly selected


I have an issue that Dimensions are showing in the right scale in model and layout space but in model space they can be selected within an area far bigger than the dimension lines are. I can create a bounding box for the dimensions and this shows an rectangle beyond the scale of the dimension. Also the Gumball shows a bigger scale handle than it should!

I tried different dimension styles but I cannot see where and when this pattern starts to happen.
This is quite irritation while selecting other items or even leads to undesired drags of dimensions.

Please let me know if there is any solution to this.


Can you post the file?

Here are the dimensions of the original file. I also tried to use a new dimension style and manually adjusted the parameters to match the original style. Same situation…

DimensionsSelectionScale.3dm (230.5 KB)

Hi Tom - Yep, those are the ones with very small model space scale - .02 Currently there is no way around this as far as I know. If (and I realize it is a big IF) you do not need that scaling for a layout, try just making the dims smaller and setting the scale to 1.

DimensionsSelectionScale_PG.3dm (235.0 KB)


Hi Pascal,

thanks for the clarification. I actually need the scale for printing layouts so the 1:1 isn’t a good option. It would be a great help if this issue could be solved in a SR.
Also the dimension scaling in the options should be inverse I think. When using 1:20 scale in layout space and changing the model space scaling in the drop down list the result should be 0.02 instead of 20. Otherwise its kind of confusing…
1:20 or 1:50 are quite common scales for any kind of detailing.