Dimension edition no more saved

I create a dimension
then edit it, the new text is well displayed

click on OK, the dimension edition is not saved.

I have to purge the history of the dimension first, then it works. But it is a bit confusing. Should I be able to edit the dimension without purging its history ?

Version 6 SR8

@Alan - I haven’t been able to duplicate that here.
Are there any more details you think may be involved?
I tested in Version 6 SR8
(6.8.18240.20051, 8/28/2018)

Just tried with a new file, still same problem.
2018-09-28 AB - Rhino6 dim edition not saved.3dm (27.9 KB)

I’m not able to repeat this either.
Any chance you recently installed some Windows updates are are in limbo waiting for a reboot?

See if restarting Windows makes this problem go away.

Any luck?

Windows 7 64 bit restarted.
I am still able to reproduce it, even with a new file