Dimension Bugs - DimOrdinate Still Not Right 6.2 RC2


(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Don - thanks, I see the problems you mention, except:

  • to my untrained eye, that negative value is in -y from the Ordinate base point and it seems correct.
  • The ‘dots’ are the dimension control points - these come on automatically for curves and dims in V6 by default, but you can change that behavior in Options > Mouse page > Selecting.




You are correct that it is in the Y negative, but I have never had a dimension with a negative value. Here is the same thing in V5:


In V5 Ordinate dimensions use the “Extension Line Offset”, in most cases, I just realized a few didn’t work. They don’t seem to use it at all in V6.


@pascal Just ran across this.


(Pascal Golay) #7

Thanks! Reopened…