Dimension arrows in block isn´t in place


Do anyone else have this problem?

We have different layous where only the layout that represents “A0 Landscape” are effected.
The arrows of the block describing a bevel is moved outside the dimension.
We use the same block in other layouts and there we don´t have this problem.

When editing the block I get this instead: (as it should be)

I know this is not the best decription of the problem, please tell me if I should add any more info.
Thanks in advance

@socken - I think that was a fairly short-lived display bug that has been fixed in SR6.9 which will be published as a release candidate in a week or two.
In the mean time, you can use TestDimensionCache to turn off the feature that causes the problem.

If you post a file with the specific layout configuration, I can tell for sure if it’s that same problem