Dim history horror


I don’t understand auto history for dims. What I am doing wrong here?

dim_history_horror.3dm (42.2 KB)



Hi Michael - somehow, the original 212 dimension is the parent of the 51. I guess snapping went to the existing dimension and not the line end point, possibly?


Hi Pascal,

of course, that could be. Nethertheless, should moving the position line of 212, make the other one a zombie? :wink:



Hi Micheal - I can’t reproduce that issue here. When I move the control point of the 212 dimension in your file, the 51 dimension stays in place.
I’m running a newer version of RH6 so this might be something that has been fixed in the meanwhile.

Hi Wim,

the error occures in Rhino 6 SR11. I’ve downloaded the latest WIP now, where it is fixed.

Thank you for your help


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