Dim Aligned Stuck to grid not objects when moving objects

Rhino 7. Been having this issue for some time.

After dimensioning a Make2D drawing, I try to move it and the dims do not move with the Make2D. See screenshots.



Hi Logan - can you post a file with the 2d and its dimensions? Just one or two that do not work right would be enough.


dim issue.3dm (3.6 MB)

Hi Logan - the dimensions are only ‘attached’ at one end - that is, I’d expect two objects to be the parents of the dimensions but there is only one (SelParents command). So far I cannot reproduce this - how were the dimensions placed, exactly? Was there an object snap at each end when placing them? Can you repeat this?



Thanks for looking into it. All i did to achieve it was dimalign and click the lines and points i wanted to dim off of. Everything is on the C plane, all other objects are hidden. Screenshot of my snap settings attached.

I don’t know how to reproduce it but it happens often and seemingly randomly when pulling dims on make2d drawings.

Hi Logan - thanks - I see the problem but I do not know how to reproduce it yet - I suspect it has to do with snapping to conicident geometry on the various Make2D output layers but I don’t see why that matters. I would, for now, turn off all but the visible curves layer when dimensioning these - assuming that is sufficient for the dimensions to be placed. I’ll see i8f we can figure out how to reproduce it.