Digits Limit Problem? I can't understand this situation

Look at the image, and check Number of Panel B, and Result panel C
When i write 110000 in Panel B, it makes error,
It’s a kind of “Target Invocation Exception”
i can’t understand. anybody know?
Is there digit limit in Grasshopper?

32-bit integer has a max value of 2147483647.

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Yes, there is an integer limit in each an every computer program. Now, the limit usually depends on the type (int, uint, long, etc.) and language the program (C#, C++, Python, etc.) was written in.
Since, Grasshopper was allegedly written in C#, it’s limit for integers of type int is 2147483647 (cf. reference), which would be smaller than the result of your last multiplication; 16500000000. That’s not to say that Grasshopper doesn’t use another type that allows even bigger numbers, but I’m pretty sure that you are overflowing the limits here. :wink:

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Thanks for your kind reply.
Now i know that it’s very basic issue on computer program…