Digital signing rhino plugin - alternative?

I am using an exe file to distribute my plugin - however without a digital signature Microsoft will block the file from running.

Is there another way to distribute an rhp file with the associate files and folders needed - as well as keeping the folders write-able.

The advantages of creating an installer exe file is that I can place everything where it needs to be and set any registry keys. Also, the plugin is easily uninstalled though the control panel.

When rhino auto installs an rhp file, it will often copy the rhp file to another directory - which makes it harder to update / patch for the end user.


If you search a bit, you can find codesigning certificates for a few tens of dollars, depending on your needs.

PS. I don’t know how familiar you are with Authenticode signing, but please do read up on time-stamping your signatures. This prevents the installed apps from going out-of-date when the certificate used for signing expires.

Thanks for the link Menno,

Are codesigns only valid for the exe file created or can I update the exe file and retain the codesign ?

Would the codesign stay valid if I use an inno script in the exe file to download all files from a folder over the internet - then add / remove files as required ?


Oh, some confusion on my part: won’t the installer exe run, or won’t the plugin run, without a digital signature?

If it is only the installer that is giving problems, you might be better off just making an MSI installer, instead of an exe installer. This is what we do, and there is no need for a digital signature on the MSI.


The exe file runs with the “Unknown Publisher” warning - which I think puts people off.

I will make an MSI installer - thanks for your suggestion.