Diffusion spacing on a curve


I’m trying take my geometry that I array base on two curves, I used a different method than the array plugin by taking points and linking the points on the curves. The next step I’m trying to do is to create a diffusion from the center of the those lines so that the geometry diffuses from the center out. Like this
ll l l l l l l l ll . The problem I’m having is figuring out how to create that diffusion and have it follow the curve. My files are linked bellow any help would be appreciated!
Difusional Spacing.gh (12.0 KB)

CuriousGarden_Exhibition_Project02.3dm (1.4 MB)

Essentially you want to create a “Fibonacci-esque” sequence where the steps get increasingly larger. Then after mid point, the sequence reverses. Here is just a quick example. Obviously the order on the curve is not right but you get the idea.

forum_array.gh (16.4 KB)

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Difusional_Spacing_2019Oct8a.gh (11.3 KB)

I can’t access your R6 .3dm file so created a pair of curves manually for this model, internalized.

Version ‘b’ (below) refines the way posts are created (purple group), aligning their faces with curve tangents (tricky!). It allows three options for the cross-section profiles (blue Value List):

  • Twist = 0
  • Bottom = 1
  • Top = 2

Difusional_Spacing_2019Oct8b.gh (26.1 KB)

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Thank you! This was extremely helpful.

This was also extremely helpful! Thank you.