Diffrent size of elements and discontinuity in joints

hi, I have some elements similar to this picture, but I don’t know why different elements beside each other have more different cross sections It seems very illogical. and how we can change joints from discontinues to continues.
Reza111 .

Hi Reza,

you have not specified which ElementIds to which the cross section profiles should be applied onto. Therefore Karamba3D takes the longest list principle and matches the cross sections according to the order of your Elements.


Thank you Matthew, the question is that why is there so big difference between element cross section diameter?, That sounds illogical. when I use cross section optimiser why does the mass increase?

Hi, I am not sure if you applied the cross sections correctly. If you apply the cross section to the element directly, you do not need to apply it again in the Assemble Model. Also, the cross section applied in the Line to Element component should be the first cross section in the list that you use for the optimisation.

thank you for your responding, I corrected your advice, I think elements are so bulky and heavy due to applied loads. I don’t know where is my problem. I checked all scaled, …

I have a problem with Cross section optimiser, this plugin as you see in picture give a error massage: that we need to have big cross-section. when I change domain of cross section from (20-100) to (20-700) it works correctly without warning massage. but 700 cm is so big and illogical according scale of building. i think the best cross section for my work is 20 to 100.

please bear in mind that although you change your cross section diameters your wall thicknesses remain the same. You should maybe look at changing this to suit your design. I assume the default wall thickness of 4mm does not work for the 100cm diameter pipes.