Difficulty opening files created by a particular computer

We have four computers in our studio,all four computers are using windows 10, rhino 7,and Plug-ins related to rhino 7 only use Enscape and VisualARQ.

The computer i use has trouble opening .3dm files from one particular computer(A), but the other two(B C) don’t have this problem.I can use .3dm files from both computers(B C), and those two computers(BC) can also use .3dm files from all four computers(Mine A B C).

I thought it might be something wrong with the material settings, because If using the other two computers to completely delete all the material contained in the .3dm file from that computer, I was able to use that .3dm file.But therefore the file cannot be handed over completely.

I’ve checked the Rhino 7 plug-ins and advanced settings on each computer, but don’t see any noticeable difference.also ruled out the problem that may be caused by differences in computer performance.

Hi -

Can you describe the trouble you are having with those files?

@cy.huang.archi, in addition, pls run _SystemInfo on the computer that can and the one that can’t open the file, and post back the results here.

Hi Cy - I guess I’d make sure all machines have exactly the same Enscape and VA versions to eliminate poissible conflicts there.


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If I use my computer to open those files, most of the time the program will not respond directly, stop at the loading page or have to wait for more than ten minutes even though it is just a very simple file.

Thank you but it should be ruled out, because the four computers are usually updated to the latest version, but this problem has been going on for a long time

Have you tried to remove rhino from system and re-install it again? maybe during installation sth happened!

Actually no because I have created some custom buttons,so I really don’t want to completely remove and reinstall unless I have to, but I have updated to the latest version