Difficulty docking custom toolbars

I have no issue docking a custom toolbar in V6. I even saw a user dock a custom toolbar below the left side default toolbars and that worked well for me too once I knew it was possible.

However, when I attempt the same thing in V7 WIP, I don’t get the purple highlight. I get a real-time preview of what the docking will look like, and it either replaced the default toolbar or creates a weird vertical tab.

The purple preview on where the toolbar will dock only appears on built-in toolbars, like the filter toolbar.

It’s also seemingly impossible for me to dock a toolbar to the left of the right side default column.

Can I bump this?

Here is a comparison between V6 and the current V7 WIP:


On the right side, there’s nothing to show because toolbars simply refuse to dock at all in V7…

:question: snap00%2011-21-2019

Yeah, I was about to suggest to check that setting… My standard toolbars dock and undock fine in the latest WIP. I can also dock custom toolbars here.

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No, as you can see from the two vertical thin lines at the bottom left of the video, neither Rhino version has window docking locked.

And as you can see at the end of the video, I do get docking even in V7 on the left side, but with a weird vertical tab instead of the position from V6.

Do you get the purple preview from V6 or do you get the “live” preview that I see in V7?

Purple, like V6…

Your problem:
Don’t drag the toolbar tab section, click in and drag from the blue part…!

Ok, super strange, because I asked here how to wipe ALL settings in Rhino, and @Pascal helped me do this, and I still don’t get the purple highlight but rather that “live preview” weird tab docking behavior.

How can the same WIP behave differently on two different PCs?

Are you sure you are grabbing the toolbar by the blue part and not by the tab part (as in the video above)?

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Oh. My. God.

Thank you for pointing that out to me. I had no idea that made a difference.