Difficulties selecting mesh edge on hole boundary in rhino 7 for mac

Hi, I am trying to use FillMeshHoles for a Polygonal Mesh from a 3D Scan, however the program will not recognize my selections of the mesh’s holes and continually tells me “Edge must be on boundary of mesh” though i can see that my selection should be accurate.

New to working in Rhino, so any help is totally appreciated. Oh and i’m using a track pad on my laptop bc i’m 5 lol.

Yeah, this is a problem and I’ve been meaning to get it in front of the developers - the edge picking is not filtered for open edges and on a dense mesh the pick can easily find an edge that is off in the middle or even on the far side of a mesh - is that what you’re running into?


Thank you @pascal

It doesn’t select any other sections of the mesh. It is a large-ish gap, but i’ve seen people fix larger ones in online tutorials. It forever tells me “Edge must be on boundary of mesh” each time i try. I have fixed a few other smaller holes with success.

Hi Kelly - look carefully - does some other edge flash yellow very quickly when this happens? It’s very fast but here at least, indicates the pick went to a non-eligible edge.


Hi Pascal, i don’t see any highlighted

@pascal After using the repair mesh function 2 additional times, i was able to resolve the issue with fix holes

ty for your input!