Difficult selecting frontmost surfaces

Okay, I must be missing something essential, but I often find myself frustrated when I can’t select the front most surfaces if there are other surfaces behind.

If I’m in no command then selection works as expected (nearest surface is - of course - selected when clicking on it), but when in a command then it’s near hopelessly difficult to select the nearest/frontmost surface.

I’m sure this behavior can be disabled, no? What am I missing?

Fig 1. First selecting while in no command, then running MergeSrf and trying to select the chamfer surfaces :

// Rolf

Try the PickRejectionFuzz command. Change the value to see if the results change. I use a value of 5. If this works, add it to your startup.

I’ve had this here for a long time, but if my memory is correct, the purpose of that command is to reduce selection ambiguity.


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Yess! That did the trick. Many thanks!

// Rolf

What magic is this? Can someone elaborate on what this undocumented command does?


Yeah, we’re feeling rather fuzzy and rejected here… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Judging from the name, and fuzzy memory, I think that is probably @mikko 's command…


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Please don’t burn me at the stake for this sorcery! :grinning:

I believe the command fine tunes the selection process by reducing the radius at the cursor so that fewer objects are considered as selectable because fewer fall within that radius.

Or I don’t have the fuzziest idea.

Your pick. :slight_smile: