Different views show every object at once

I am trying to make prints of different views, but after using a clipping plane different views went wierd. It looks like it shows every object at once, while it should just look like a normal front view of a building. Front, back and top went wierd, but right and left just look fine. Maybe it is just a simple command, but i could not find anything about it on the internet. I hope someone can help!

it should look like the right one

Try Typing in Show, and I think from there you can select the clipping frame and either move it, or delete it. But it looks like the main problem is that it has been hidden… and you can’t do too much, as long as that’s the case.


That wasn’t the full story I gave you… You can also run the command DisableClippingPlane which will turn off it’s active (enabled) status…

and you can use SelectClippingPlane to select what’s there.

and there is still more to this… but it’s best to reference the help files if you want to see a nice presentation of organized thoughts and materials.

And if you look real carefully, you’ll probable notice a slight difference between how they read and what I’ve said. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reaction, but I don’t think the clipping plane is the problem. The picture that I uploaded isn’t a section cut, but rather just a side view of the building. I’ve already deleted the clipping plane, but the problem stayed. I think I maybe pressed the wrong keys and used a command or something. A command that makes all objects 2D in a view and stacks them.

Well with a bit of playing around I fixed it with the zoom extend button!