Different viewports with different Templates?


Would it be possible to have several Templates running at the same time in one file? For units at least?
So i can setup one view to work for Small Objects - Millimetres and another for Large objects - Meters. The geometry drawn into one will not exist in the other.

The purpose of this, for example, is to work the urban site - in meters, the architecture in mm, the furniture in cm, the construction details in mm, and to have all the drawings in one Rhino file…

Hi - viewports are merely windows looking out over the same geometry.
Have you looked into using worksessions?

Hi @wim, yes of course I know worksessions, but having different templates in the same file might be more efficient.

For example, if you have a drawing at 1 to 2000 and another at 1 to 5 and you are working on both drawings at the same time using the same 3D geometry