Different type of penalizing surface

hi every body i just wondered if there is any way to panelize a surface with rectangle cells that they are planer andsuitable for laser cut like we do with triangle panels.
is there any plugin or keyword that i can search and find it my self?
thanks for your time.

I don’t know what your requirements are for laser cutting - I’m only answering the planar quad part of your question :wink:

And I suppose you need this inside of Grasshopper?
In that case, I would use ‘Grasshopper’ and ‘Daniel Piker’ as keywords for searches.

A few links:


Perhaps if you explain your requirements a bit more, @DanielPiker could offer some advice…

here is a bit more explanation :
yes i want to do it in grasshopper
when we turn a surface into triangle surfaces we can trust that a triangle surface is always planer so we can orient them into a flat sheet of paper and prepare them for laser cut .
now i want to know is there any way to estimate a surface whit small rectangle surfaces Instead of triangle surface Provided that rectangle surfaces are still planer like triangle one.
i can penalize a surface into quad meshes or surfaces but the parts are not planer . i want to find a way to estimate the surface with planer quad

You can do that on some specific cases: a cylinder, a cone or a sphere are examples. But arbitrary free-form surfaces won’t allow that.

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Have you looked at EvoluteTools Lite or EvoluteTools D.LOFT? They may not “run in GH,” but I’m certain that you could manipulate the resulting mesh in GH if you needed to.

Since it’s a nurbs surface
You can simply isotrim
Get doubly curved panels
Then deconstruct the brep ( srf )
And list item the vertices - 1,2,3,4 and use srf4pt
( surface4point ) to get the desirable result