Different object color for layout

is it possible to have a different object color in a layout? Id like it to be black in layout and colored for when I am viewing it in the model view? Thanks

Hi Ethank,

How about setting the printcolor for the object to black and run _PrintDisplay and set it to ON when in layouts


that’s a good workaround! thanks I guess i’m used to solid works where the layouts for drawings and details are much more advanced…

Layers have per-layout and per-detail colors, all settable using the Layer panel.


is it possible to set individual layer color per detail using a rhino command, python or C# ?

I can do this in the layer manager once a detail is activated, but i find nothing in the API.


HI @clement,

Unfortunately it does not appear so.


– Dale

Thanks @Dale,

i am not sure if it is a bug, but when i try to _Import a file where i have set the layer colors per detail and also import the layout including the details using _ImportLayout, the assigned layer colors per detail are missing.

Using a template containing the layers, layout and detail views works and the individual detail colors are preserved.


Hi @clement,

This is probably more of a limitation in the design of our per-viewport layer properties than a bug. You see, the layer store the viewport ids of layouts or details where properties such as color have been overridden. When you import, the viewport ids from the importing file are not going to match up with those of the host file.

– Dale

hi @dale,

thanks for the explanation. I’ve noticed some user data on the layers which had overridden viewport colors, but i had no idea how to access that in order to probably change it to use the proper viewport ids.