Different line type objects work something wrong

I have added many different line type objects,and they have different display orders,but the objects of higher display order didn’t cover the objects of the lower display order objects. And the higher display order objects has different line types with the lower display order objects.Does it has some solutions to deal with this problem?

What do you mean by “higher display order”?

Please post a small example 3dm file and a screenshot showing the problem?

lines.3dm (129.6 KB)
As you can see in the picture,the yellow line display order is higher than the pink line,but it didn’t cover the pink line.The yellow line’s line type is ‘Continuous’,and the pink line’s line type is ‘Hidden’.

Hi -
Run ClearDrawOrder on all objects and then BringToFront on the yellow curve.

Are there some apis can do this ?

Hi -
You can always script regular Rhino commands.

Draw order is an object attribute and order assignment can be scripted, yes.