Different_interpretations of_ifc saving

I tried to test in VA a different saving mode of ifc format (save as and export selected), but when I read a file in Solibri (and other ifc viewer) the result is very different.
1) save as mode: different visualization of 3dm model
2) export selected mode: right visualization compared of 3dm model, but loss of information (see attached screenshot and model) compared to ifc file in save as mode.

Thank you
ifc_test_save mode_VA.rar (2.0 MB)

Hi @fn_a I can’t reproduce this behavior.
I see exactly the same file in Solibri either if I use the “Export Selected” mode as the “Save as” mode.
But in both cases I don’t see the wall layer offsets in Solibri:

What Solibri version do you have?
What other plugins that do not ship with Rhino do you have installed?

Hi @fsalla,
I use Rhino 6.31 and Solibri Anywhere
I have installed some free plugin from food4rhino like a Tabl_ and various addon for gh and Land Design as well.
I tried on another pc but the problem persist…