Different Display quality 32-bit vs. 64-bit

On a training laptop with Win-8 and a geforce quadro card, there’s a big difference in user interface display crispness between the 32 and 64 bit.
It is not that important but I am just curious if that is known.

The screenshot doesn’t show the difference that well but the 32 bit Rhino shows less crisp.

The screenshot is a 1 to 1 pixel perfect copy of your screen, if the screenshot doesn’t show it, you problem is your monitor… :wink:
Anyway, I can see what you mean. This seems to affect text as well as icons. Do you have ClearType enabled by chance? Looks like the 32bit window gets a stronger smoothing than the 64bit window. I don’t think this is a Rhino problem rather a problem of windows applying different ClearType settings to 32 and 64bit apps.

Hi Gerard - it looks like 32 bit is displaying ‘inflated’ somehow- using a different display setting from Windows - are the button sizes supposed to be the same, or is 32 bit using the larger icons?


Thanks HaLo,

Yes apparently windows treats 32 bit UI different than 64 bit UI.
It is not important, I was just curious as it doesn’t appear on my laptop with Win-7.

Thanks Pascal,

Yes everything is the same except that the 32 bit letters are less sharp.