Different diameters with tube tool don't work wit inorganic shape

I really hope someone can help me with this. We are working on an inflatable swimming pool and are now looking for a way to make the tubes bigger on some parts. but because we make it out of pvc evforced polyester we cannot really make an organic shape. (we use the ouroll tool to cut out the parts)
it works to have the whole tube in one size as you can see in number two. but to have it with different sizes gives image 4. i tried a lot of things but am still pretty new to rhino. with an organic shape it works but we need to have it in parts like number two.
any ideas? is there another way to make or ajust the diameter of some parts?

The only thing I can suggest would be to place circles everywhere you you want the tubes to be a specific size. Then use the Loft command with the Straight Section option to loft developable straight sections between the profile circles.

Good luck

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Good idea. And if you have History on, you can then scale/adjust the circles by using the Gumball with “To Object” setting and Shift with a scale handle. The whole thing should be live/updatable.


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thanks for the reply guys, loft was a lot of work but I couldnt find a quicker way do do it indeed. But in the end it worked so thanks for the help!