Different Cull Pattern For Each Branch Of A Tree

Hi all,

I have what I suspect to be quite a simple problem to solve but can’t figure it out…

Basically, I am modelling a tower where every floor has 20 peripheral columns.
I want to cull these columns differently on each floor according to their index.


  • On floor {0}, I only want to keep columns #0, #2, #4, #6
  • On floor {1} I only want to keep columns #0, #3, #6, #9
  • On floor {2}, I only want to keep columns #0, #4, #8

I’m pretty certain that this only requires a bit of clever flatten/graft/simplify list work but can’t figure it out for the life of me!

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

ps: files and screenshot available below!
310318.zip (326.9 KB)

UPDATE 31/03/18 20:100
Essentially, I’d like the script user to be able to directly ‘type’ the panel circled below, without having to use the entwine component which requires the user to add a new input panel per floor

Something like this?

Or perhaps this:

Not sure if I understand your intention - also it’s better to attach minimal versions of your files:

@qythhium - YES! That character-boolean solution is genius; thank you so much!

Noted for the file sharing - apologies, I’m a newbie around here.

Thanks again!