Differencing surface model with a mesh model

Aloha all,
I am trying to use a mesh model to Boolean difference a surface model. Is this possible? I keep getting difference failed message. Any input is greatly appreciated.


You can under two (rather tough) conditions:

  1. You need to transform your surface model into a mesh first.
  2. Rhino’s mesh intersector needs to be able to handle the situation.

The Rhino command MeshBooleanDifference will automatically transform your input objects to a mesh, so #1 is no problem. The main problem is #2 - Rhino’s mesh intersector is very weak, so mesh Booleans don’t succeed all that often…

In any case, the resulting object will be a mesh. You cannot subtract a mesh from a surface and have a surface result.

If your mesh to subtract is VERY light, you could try MeshToNurb on the mesh, and then use a normal BooleanDifference. Read the Wiki page on MeshToNurb to see what the limitations are.

HTH, --Mitch

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Tried the mesh to nurbbs but my computer crashed! Maybe I gotta convert the file
To a surface in some other program.