Differences with original Cycles

So, time has passed. Please do we have any news on this?

Rhino 7 has Cycles inbuilt, right? Is it a full Cycles?

Asking, because im on macbook and thinking about how to render things without buying a windows machine for NVidia power. I just with nvidia and apple would talk about support.

Yes. It is Cycles with some custom patches of our own bringing in features that don’t exist in regular Cycles. We compile about everything in,but not everything is hooked up for various reasons.

On the Mac you’ll get CPU rendering only with Cycles.

Is there offcial info about what is the same, what is different? Do you compile everytime Cycles is updated?
Just wondering… cycles built then connected via plugin?

What are the options for GPU rendering on MacOS? Why no GPU for Cycles

Sorry. too much questions :frowning:

You can check directly from the source:

But main differences:

  • Rhino specific texture mappings
  • OCS frame on texture mappings (similar to object generated UVs, but as an extra transform
  • Shader on object rather than mesh
  • Clipping planes
  • Custom render loop

Very soon we’ll have native decal support in Cycles, and sometime this year hopefully most if not all Rhino procedural textures natively implemented in Cycles.

No, I try to keep updated with latest Cycles, but we’re currently a bit behind (a year). There’s been some big changes and it’ll take time to adapt our own patches to fit in the updated Cycles. Most likely next update will happen for Rhino 8.

Apple. Cycles devs felt OpenCL support from Apple was bad enough to pull the plug on OpenCL support on the Mac. Trying to get an Nvidia GPU up and running on a modern Mac is also impossible - at least we have failed. So no CUDA support either.

In the future when there is a Metal backend we’ll see GPU support again.

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So still better to buy Windows machine for Rhino and rendering
What about AMD’s ProRender, please? they have:

Uses Open Standards

Uses OpenCL™ or Apple® Metal®2, works across Windows®, Linux®1, macOS®2, and supports both AMD GPUs and CPUs as well as those of other vendors

At the moment yes.

ProRender already available on Windows via Rhino’s PackageManager. For Mac not yet, but I think is being worked on.

with GPU support, please?

Actually, I just learned that you should be able to install ProRender from the PackageManager in Rhino 7.1 or newer. It should have GPU support. I quickly tested it on my Mac laptop, and it worked - I don’t have GPU for that though, so just CPU.

Thank you
How these things appearing quietly. No official notes?

There are still some bits to iron out. I’m sure there’ll be some bigger announcement eventually.

:slight_smile: cant wait