Difference of release mouse in slider bar between rhino5 and rhino6

i have a very simple c# script:


in rhino5,to finish draging the slider bar,i release the mouse,the output number will add one
but in rhino6 or rhino7,nothing happens.
But I really need the same things in rhino6(when release mouse ,then do a new calculation),how to do that when writing a c# component in visual studio for migration(rhino5 to rhino6)?
Thank you very much!

Hi @andrealu2012

Please always add the file. I see the number changing in V7.

animation.gh (3.7 KB)



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

It also works fine in Rhino 6.

@andrealu2012 did you try restarting RH/GH?

thank you,but the real thing is:
if you draging the slider bar ,it always change number in output of C# script.
if you stop draging the slider bar,and keep on press the left button of mouse(donnot release it!)and the output of C# stop changing,in Rhino 5,6,7 are the same.
But the difference is:
then if you keep no draging the mouse,and release the left button of mouse,you will see in rhino5,the output add one,and in rhino6,and 7, nothing happens!
@Dani_Abalde @piac

Oh, I see. You would like an extra “Solve” once the mouse is “released”, even if it would have the same value as the last “drag”. I think that was something that was fixed in V6, but only @DavidRutten knows exactly.

yes,may be only he know how to invoke an extra “Solve” in rhino6 :smiley: