Difference in meshes creates a glitch

I’ve encountered some kind of glitch while trying to find the difference between two meshes. I want to create a rectangular tube and then remove a smaller tube inside the big one. I’ve uploaded some pictures of it. Does anyone know what causes this? I’m not sure if it’s something on my end or if it’s a glitch.

Sample_Shell.gh (45.4 KB)

Hi @maltebsa

I opened your file and I did not see that error, though the mesh difference was giving you inadequate results.

Is this is what’s needed?

I didn’t tweak much, and I am missing a bunch of plugin data you’re using, which I did not download because I am lazy - maybe flatten inputs for MeshDifference:

You can ignore the plugins. It is supposed to only be hollow cross sections. It only bugs for certain angles around the circle as seen here

It should look like this

They’re bugged for me in this script when you open it.
Sample_Shell.gh (51.8 KB)

Found a solution: I used ‘Trim Solid’ Instead of ‘Mesh difference’.
Thank you for your help, @corellaman