Did Osnap go crazy in on of the new updates

Is it just me, or has Osnap gone completely crazy and out of control?
Def not working as is it used to. I’m constantly battling with finding the right snapping point.

Looks very buggy to me

Hi - I haven’t noticed anything amiss.
Do you have a test file and detailed description that you can share?

Hoi Wim,

Notice the weird snapping behavior when scaling and how hard it is to catch the right vertic point.
I have to move my mouse away from the actual point I am aiming at.

@wim did you have the change to look at the video I uploaded?

Hi @weloverhino,

Great user name BTW :slight_smile: Check the snap radius in Options…

Reset it to 15 if it is larger, was that it?

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@BrianJ Oh my gosh! that was it!
I have no idea why, when or how I ever changed that. But you saved my life and can stop crying myself to sleep at night.

Ps. And regarding my user name… merely stating a simple fact :yum:

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