Did I break my Text Tag 3D component? Is it a bug?

Did you manually place ghas that you downloaded in the the “program files/Rhino6/Plug-ins/GrassHopper/Components” directory? I wouldn’t recommend that as that specific directory is really for the components that ship with the installed copy of Rhino.

I would close Rhino and move the components with dates that aren’t 23.04.2020 into the libraries folder. That probably won’t fix the issue, but it should help get us closer to a clean system that we can figure out if a gha is at fault.

Okay, seems like i handled that wrong all the time… But it’s clean now, I moved them to the libraries. Actually I tried the .gh-file attached right after reinstalling Rhino 6 and before reinstalling the components. And even on the freshly installed system, it behaved like that.

200507_text_example.gh (11.3 KB)

I’ve made a short screenrecording on what the component does:

Now close rhino and rename the libraries folder to something like “Libraries_bak” so the components won’t be found and loaded by Grasshopper. Restart and run Grasshopper; does the problem still exist?

I did that. And the problem keeps existing. But what I recognized is, that there are still the plugins I installed with an external installer (karamba3d, shapediver). Is there an additional components folder of which I don’t know?

These are still there, after renaming/deactivating the libraries folder:

As a new forum user I can’t post more replies in one day…

Try running the pluginmanager in Rhino and change the drop-down from “All plug-ins” to “Plug-ins that do not ship with Rhino”. Are there items in that list?

as you can see in the post above there actually where 3rd party plug-ins installed outside the common folders. The plug-in LayoutManager and RhinoCount comes from my previous Fabtools Installation, which I mentioned in my very first post in this thread:


Yesterday I thought: That must be it! Here we have it.
But now I have removed the rests of the faulty plug-in. The plug-in manager says Rhino 6 is clean now, but the problem still exists.

How did you remove the rest? Grasshopper searches through all installed plug-in folders to find components

At first I deactivated the plug-in in the plug-in manager to see whether it changes anything. After I restarted nothing had changed, so I deleted the directory of the two plugins, which was shown in the plugin manager.

Lets keep trying. The next thing I would recommend is to see if there is some possibly corrupt setting for Rhino causing this. Try the following:

  • Close Rhino
  • In file explorer, go to %AppData%\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\settings directory and rename settings-Scheme__Default.xml to settings-Scheme__Default.xml.bak
  • Try running grasshopper again

If this fixes the issue, please send me the settings xml file so I can try to determine what it has that is causing the problem.