Dice Radius

Hi guys,

Im pretty new to Rhino but I hope you could help me improve.

I would like to re-create a six-faced dice (D6) with the cool radius they have. Radius tool doesnt help me achieve that look at first because the surface stay squarish. Look like all surface should be rounded rectangle then loft together.


Is there a way to get to there?


I’m curious what type of game those are for? To make it I would contemplate a boolean difference of a cube and a sphere.

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Oh thats not a bad idea :smile: I will try that but let say you want to replicated a lego torso? cant do that boolen sphere

I dont know the game. I google the first image I found of a old shaped six-faced dice.

dice.3dm (2.6 MB)
some options…

Thanks very useful for my dice problem,

but what about a Lego Torso? That cannot be apply with a boolean sphere technique:

How can you achieve that?

Method 1: Using Fillet Edge, then adding handles with differet radii.

Method 2: Using Blend surface between some trimmed surfaces. Though the corners get tricky if you want to avoid using ‘Patch’. (Example here: Another Rhino Corner Blend, Setback Fillet - YouTube)

He Scsamuelcote,

the rounded-off dice’s formal aesthetic is called a corner with equal setbacks.

There was a long thread on this forum about it last year or the one before and an Alias tutorial that shows the curve and patch layout principle, also useful for Rhino users.

Basically, it is a special case - three equal boundaries - of the triangular hole filling problem with G2 continuity.

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I guess patch surface is quite good with those easy tanget fillets. No open surface edges.

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Until you analyse the surface quality ; )


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I agree with Lagom , this kind of situations are largely debated if you search on this forum. One quick but not perfect solution is using BlendEdge with some handles.

Under the BlendeEdge options,if you set DistantFromEdge instead of RollingBall you can get smoother results.

maybe the attached topology helps?
Dice_jm.3dm (634.2 KB)

Hi again guys.

I did have some time to test your theory. I try a d4 faces dice now… Patch work was tricky but I did try Lagom shared Alias tutorial.

Turn out im not so sure if the result is good. (see attachment)

d4-001b.3dm (476.7 KB)

or xnurbs it:

d4-001b_xnurbs.3dm (275.4 KB)

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Well that turn out great. Do you have a tutorial somewhere so I know the steps?

you have this awesome hidden command


@scsamuelcote I can make a short tutorial for this, but it requires the plugin XNurbs. Do you have that?

no but thats something I can find

here you should be able to download a demo: https://www.xnurbs.com/. I’d recommend to play with it a bit first and see how far you can get with it.