Diamond shapes

Hi everybody, I’d like to make a surface divided in diamonds with equal edge lenghts.
I’m getting really close to what i want with the “diamonds panels” tool but, I’m getting different lenghts.
Below I uploaded a screenshot of the shape I’m tryng to get, the grasshoper I made and my rhino and grasshopper files.

per%20domande%20su%20dimensioni%20quadrati%20uguali per domande.zip (33.9 KB)

A grid like this with equal edge lengths is called a Chebyshev net.

Here’s a relaxation approach:
chebyshev.gh (19.3 KB)
You can adjust the threshold and strength values depending on the level of precision needed.

There’s probably also a fairly simple constructive approach possible here, as it is a surface of revolution. This would still need to be something iterative though so scripting or some looping plugin.

Actually here’s a simpler approach - still relaxation, but just for one strip of diagonals, applied to the whole thing using symmetry

chebyshev2.gh (16.5 KB)

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Thank tou very much you help me a lot appreciate :smiley:

Thank you very much you help me a lot, appreciate :smiley: