Diamond grid based on points

Hello, I stuck on this issue:
How can I select the next consecutive 4 points of a point grid to build the surfaces for a diamond pattern?
The first surface is done. The points are based on a diamond grid on a surface which I manipulated, driven by an attractor curve.
I guess this is an easy one for you guys here, thanks for any help!
Diamond grid 001.ghx (327.3 KB)


It’s mandatory to internalise your relevant Rhino geometry in Grasshopper, before uploading your file here. Otherwise, it will be missing, when somebody downloads your file to inspect it!
Since your geometry is relatively straightforward, I managed to reconstruct something similar, however you should note that posts with missing geometry are usually ignored around here, since that points out that the user hasn’t even read the forum rules/instructions.

Instead of using the LunchBox component that produces diamond grid nodes with no cell information, you can use the one that returns the cells instead and go from there.

Diamond grid 001.ghx (359.5 KB)

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…edit your post and the file link should work

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Hi Martin, thanks for your hint, I updated my post, the data was not internalised proper :wink: regands Stefan

Hello and many thanks for taking your time! Yes I internalise now :wink: Your solution is matching what I search for, strait forward. I guess I ended up way too complicate with my approach. Thanks again, I can go on now finishing my design. best regards Stefan