Diamond chart component fails at Rank position number

Hi Milad,

Congrats for your work¡

I use to make captures from Wallacei UI and I’ve noticed that diamond chart in the UI doesn’t correspond with the info showed up by the component. While Fitness values are Ok, the rankings are wrong.

I reviewed again the tutorial video to make sure everything was correctly connected, and it seems to be.

Here you have a couple of captures so you can figure the issue out.

I will use the captures from UI in the paper, but would like to know if there is a bug and aware you about it.

Thanks for your attention and your work¡


Hi Antonio,

Thank you for bringing this up. This has been on our radar. The short answer is, both of them are actually kind of correct. But I would go with the UI myself. Let me explain further down here. In the meanwhile, I should say that we will re-writte these analytics components in future.
So in the UI ranking system, if more than one individual share fitness values, their rankings are basically the same. For example, several individuals can be the best ranking of one fitness objectives, right? cause that fitness value has been repeated several times. Check the several images below:

However in the Wallacei Analytic component, if the values are the same, they will not share the same rank and will be ordered (this is because of the original list that was fed into the operation). Take a look at the following images, these are exact individuals as the ones I chose from the UI but with Wallacei analytics:

So, as you see, both of them are kind of correct however as I said the wallacei analytics components will be re-written as they are quite old. I would go with the UI myself.


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Thanks Milad for your time¡

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