Diameter Dimensioning Problems, Minor Annoyance and Minor Bug

I assume this is independent of the drawing, but I’ve attached it. Small Objects, Inches.

I diagrammed a half inch high bushing.

Two things:

  1. When you create a diameter dimension, the arrow and text size are way to big. The arrow sizing up/down arrows let you size it more reasonably but it’s tedious to have such an unreasonable default if you’re doing a lot of dimensions. The text height is locked (for the arrows) at a minimum which is way, way too big. You are able to type in a smaller value, though.

  2. For the Center Mark size, the up/down arrows let you go all the way to negative sizes. It doesn’t seem to cause a problem other than invisible markers, but it seems like bad data so I thought I’d mention it.

negative-centermark-size.3dm (126.5 KB)

hi @Nathan_Bossett It’s easier to modify the appropriate model scale by setting the right model scale in your annotation style:


If you also plan to make Layouts, best is to use the “Scale all sizes” button until it looks right on your layout, then adjust the model scale until it looks right in model space, or use the recommended way of annotation, which is to annotate in layout space.