Diagrid gradient

I’ve found some examples of diagrid gradients, but I wanted to see if anyone had a simple solution for a particular modification I’m trying to make.
The script I found creates a diagrid gradient (see below), but the curvature of the lines is the opposite of what I’m trying to achieve.

I want to keep the density as shown above, but curvature as shown below.

I think that using the graph mapper (in my code below) might not be the right approach and I’m completely open to alternative suggestions.

I’m including what I have currently.

Diagrid density.gh (40.7 KB)

I’m not sure if I got it right… Diagrid density_re.gh (11.9 KB)

Thanks for the response.
The curve direction you’re showing is what I’m looking for:

But to get this the highest density is towards the top:

I’m trying to get the highest density at the bottom, but have the curves sloping downward so that as the curves move towards the bottom they will be nearly vertical (traced in green above) instead of increasingly horizontal (traced below in red).

Hi @jared.parker,

I’m sorry but what you want is geometrically impossible. Highest density is always tied to the end where the lines cross closer to right angles.


Hi Jeremy.
I realize this now.
I think I might need to try to find a way to weave diagrids starting at different elevations and moving downward together.

woven to:
Doing this in the way I’m showing above doesn’t make sense, but the idea is that I can connect a more sparse diagrid to a more dense diagrid in a few layers.
I’m going to try an approach using topology optimization, but any suggestions on how this might work would be appreciated. I’ll post the results here.

I’m just starting to pick this back up again, but here’s a start.