Diagonal Sorting Points Component

Sometimes I Need A Component That Do Something Like Sort a List Of Points Diagonally to avoid repeat definition over and over. And So, I Done This Code To Help Me & You ! Try And Let Me Know if it is useful !!


Usually I use Sort Along Curve using a centered small circle. It works fine for regular enough cases.

SortPoints.gh (4.3 KB)

hello , so i know that but u need a curve to sort points while u don’t need a curve in DSPoints component its different method >>>

see the different , you have an average and sorted indices also >>>

cool - it’s similar to sorting by angle?

Question (I haven’t downloaded the component yet): how does it do when you have more ‘severe’ point chaos and the resulting curve crosses itself?


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Exactly :wink: , but little bit different you can use it without repeat your code over and over and get sorted point , an average and sorted indices |>> download it and try then tell me if there is any bugs to improve it >>

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