Diagonal Mosaic

Hi everyone! I have this panelling grid and i want to remove odd cells to create a diagonal mosaic. I’ve used cull nth (every 2 cells) but i receive a culling of straight colums because the number of columns is even. How could I always get a diagonal partition list of the grid cells?



I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “diagonal mosaïc”, but here’s on way to do a checker pattern.

2021-07-26 09-35-40.2021-07-26 09_37_15

You didn’t provide an example file, so I generated the grid a little different with vanilla components. You should be able to apply the same logic to your surface grid though.

checker.gh (13.2 KB)

Hi @asromero,

In case you need to stick with the panelling tools, here is a quick solution based on your original, .

To ensure alternating rows you need to cull on the basis of the 2d grid, not a consecutive list, so it extracts the i & j indices of the grid and generates a bitmap cull pattern. Because there is one less panel in each direction than there are grid points the it creates i & j indices reduced by 1. You can choose whether to have the first square as a panel or a space with a toggle.

Alfre_cull.gh (21.3 KB)


Thank you both of us, Jeremy you hit the mark with your solution but I’m saving also the Diff-Arch vanilla definition for future use.