Diagonal Matrix for Loft

Hi, I am trying to get a lofted surface (a flush roof) along the peaks of the sine waves I have interlocked. As shown in the screenshot, I was hoping to get a diagonal matrix (I can sort by columns/ rows, but that loft won’t fit quite as flush as I hope) and loft those diagonal curves. “Surface from Points” was not giving me pretty results either. Thanks.

DiagonalMatrix.gh (234.2 KB)

This isn’t quite the same…

DiagonalMatrix_2023Nov9a.gh (231.9 KB)

Or Relative Item.

DiagonalMatrix Edited V0 Relative Item.gh (243.4 KB)


Hi, this is getting closer, however I am looking to only get a surface from the high points. Thus the final surface should be smooth along the high points, and include a rectangular boundary in plan view.

DiagonalMatrix2.gh (28.6 KB)

Dispatch the curves.

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DiagonalMatrix_001.gh (233.0 KB)

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