Diagonal lines only on surfaces


I want to make diognal lines on the sureface but when I connect those lines they also connect outside the surface. how can I get rid of those lines on the bottom?

And for opposite diognal lines, using mirror will be fine? or do I have to do the whole process again?

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Michael Lin
Surface_diognal_lines.gh (116.5 KB)

I didn’t check the whole details of your somewhat a bit messy definition, anyway, if you want to do some sort of diagrid paneling on a trimmed_surface, then, have a look at this approach.

Surface_diognal_lines_re.gh (128.4 KB)

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You could cull the long polyline segments but that splits some branches into two curves. Rather messy!

Surface_diognal_lines_2021Dec23a.gh (127.2 KB)

So I guess I will have to find another cleaner way to do it than?

Thank you for the reply. I will try it.


So I have kind of solve it myself.
Using discontinuity and trim with Brep work fine.
Thanks for you advise as well.


Diagonal lines only on surfaces.gh (47.1 KB)

Check this as well…

Surface_diognal_lines_reV2.gh (131.1 KB)

thank you :slight_smile: