Diagonal Lines on Surface, using UV but with no Wrap please?

I want diagonal lines on a surface, using UV points, but with no wrap around…

Is there a neater way, by using path-mapper or relative item to the attached flipped mirror?

This cant be the best way!?


Since you are using UV points, and they are already organized in a nice and neat tree, you could use relative item.

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Thanks, but the points are not diagonally aligned as shown in the numbering on the image.

I want a grid of points that can be used to draw a poly line through whole diagonal. Can relative item help?

It can if you add Join Curves (white group) The cyan group is optional, converting polylines to interpolated curves, then sorting them:



What I am really after is route one to a UV grid that is ordered for diagonal poly line population.

The important thing is the grid of points and the order that they are in - and I don’t really want to join then sort… I mean that is a solution and may have to do, but the overriding question is : Is there a way to create the grid of uv points without having to mirror them as - I have. And that still needs some flipping etc…

Relative item with path mapper switching the {A;B}(i) > {A;i}(B). ??