Diagonal Interlocked

Hi, everyone!
I’ve been working on a project to build this hand with the interlocked system, the problem is that I got stuck while trying to look for the conection boxes, which are not following the curved shape.
Thank you for your help!

Slice Hand.gh (17.4 KB) Slice Hand.3dm (121.3 KB)

Search for waffle system , the web is full of examples.
Move each box with a vector of the longest side of the box for length/units in each direction and substract

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Thank you!
I’ve been trying to make it run correctly, but now I get a trouble about the Trim Solid and I don’t know why.
Appreciate any help!

Slice Hand V3.3dm (134.0 KB) Slice Hand V3.gh (469.5 KB)

Sorry I don’t have R7, maybe you could upload a R6 compatible version.Or internalize it.

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Okey, thank you Baris!
Slice Hand V3.3dm (91.8 KB)

Sorry I don’t have pufferfish. Maybe the error message gives a clue. What is it saying?