-DevLoft bug - Saving result

The hyphen version of -DevLoft is great (Rhino 6 SR0 2018-1-2 6.0.18002.10461) except there appears to be a bug. How do I get out of the add ruling loop and save the surface? I can create a good surface which matches some exact rulings I’ve previously determined, but when I right click or enter to save the surface it saves the original surface (before adding rulings).

Also, I assume the color map in -DevLoft is Guassian curvature. I’d like to be able to toggle it off. And what settings are used for the display, and is it possible to change them?

Hi David - Enter makes the surface here, in my quick test.
Hm - yeah, there needs to be a command line setting for the display though.


Pascal - Thanks for the reply. It wasn’t working and now it is. Not sure what I’m doing differently.