Devide by verts not working

Hi. I’m a new Clayoo user and wanna Divide a flat face by 2 separate points but only close neighbor points can be selected as the second point (look at the attached pic). How can I select other far points as the second point in Divide command? Am I doing something wrong (most likely)?:thinking:


Hi @Meysam_Ebrahimi,
It is working fine on the latest version of Rhino 6. Try to change the order of vertex selection (sometimes helps).

If still not working, we have different ways to get the same result:

  1. Use the _ClayAppendFace tool with “Autoquad=No”. This will allow you to create a face as big as you want to cap half of the heart shape.

  2. Another way is to use the ClayAppendFace to create one vertical face. _ClayFill to create the face to fill the rest of the hole. And delete the edge that you don’t want.

Let us know if you have any problem.


Hi @Xavi_Marrodan. Yes. It will help. Thanks for help :pray: