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Hi Guys
I wonder how useful it would be to have the quote of a shape changing and adapting while I am changing the size of the shape itself … it will be incredibly useful in case of technical drawings …
Think about please
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hi, can you describe your suggestion a little bit more, i didnt get it sorry.


yeah sorry probbaly my english is too … italian … eh eh eh
I mean when a designed part has been quoted and you change even a little the size of it the quote does not “follow” the change … did you get it ?

I may be wrong … but I guess Beppe is talking about dimensions ( ‘quote’ in Italian )

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Ciao Beppe … spero di averci azzeccato … :wink:
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I didn’t know that, but then I don’t know much italian at all. Makes your post a little more confusing in english because instead of “quote” being just another unknown italian word, it has a couple of other meanings in english that have nothing to do with dimensions.

For example, the mark " is a quotation mark, as I’m sure you know. Also, a quote is what a supplier gives to a potential customer to tell him how much the job will cost.

Isn’t this multi-cultural world fun?

Wouldn’t a volume update be the best bet?

Part count is also helpful, but that’s not the kind of thing that would be constantly changing – to where you need feedback.

Yeah guys sorry the word “quote” is definetely wrong I mean dimensions Emilio got it …

If you enable history before you make a dimension, the dimension will update when you change the space you were measuring. Within limits, of course.

Hehe … a bit confusing … but really funny ! :smile:

Yeah guys … sometime when I switch from a language to another … let say French … Italian … Spanish or English there are words that sound extremely similar but the meaning is totally differenet … for instance in spanish the oil is called “aceite” the italian word “aceto” is fro vinagre … very different or … “seguramente” in spanish means perhaps while in italian mean “for sure” … think about during a business discussion what shoudl happen if those two words are confused … So “quotare” in italian means “to define dimensions of a drawing” in english as I realize means “define a price of a stuff” … Ok finally we understand each other that’s the most important thing !
But I think that you really do not understood my suggestion and it would be very useful to give this forum another feature … the possibility to attach pictures or screencam …this way it will be easier to explain … all the best guys

Either just drag’n’drop an image in your text window or hit the upload icon: a dark ‘something’ with an arrow pointing up. Or just Ctrl+G.

Ciao Beppe

Wim already told you about pictures … BTW you can also attach 3dm files.

Also, just for your info … talking about different languages …
you may know or not about the Italian forum:

Obviously you will find less people there … and will have to wait a little longer to get answers …
( But there you will find the same problems we have here trying to understand each other … but in Italian only … :smile: :smile: )

Ciao !

Hi guys
Thank you for your suggestions … I finally realize that my suggestion has present in the Rhino 5 release … so useless suggestion … but just to make me understand the request was to related to the possibility to have the “dimensions” redifined when you resize a drawing and I realize that’s possible by means of gumball … in fact selecting the drawing and the dimension too … so resizing with the proper gumball handle … the dimensions will be redefined too !
Thank you in any case for your attention … and just to be productive here another one :
It would be useful a tool working like a Z buffer … to show a cross section of a solid drawing … several CAD already have a similar feature … you may define cross plane and you may move back an forth showing this way a cross section of your job …
Please dont tell me that already exist and I haven’t seen right now ???
all the best ever


ClippingPlane ?

Yes that’s waht I was looking for … thank you guys