Developing rhino4

:rofl:For a variety of reasons, I was developing rhino4 hoping to learn a few tricks

Hi -
I moved your post from an ancient thread.
If you have any questions, please be specific.

1 Like How do I restrict points to mesh I’m sorry that my English is poor. I use the translation software

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Hi @Hershel,

So what are they?

Rhino 4.0 didn’t provide a way for constraining point picking to a mesh - sorry.

– Dale

Hi, because my job involves drawing curves on a grid. But rhinoceros 5’s vertex feature is a pain in the ass。

You are really approachable and I am really glad to see your reply
I only hope to learn from you and ask questions with an open mind

I wrote some VBS functions, a little basic. But writing rhinoceros 4 in c# is a real head-scratching feature

For example, VBS has getobject and getobjects. But only getobject is found in c#, so index it when you use it. How do I turn obj into objs and put it in a container. Sorry to bother you. I’m a mess.

Can you explain further?

Yes it was, which is why we introduced RhinoCommon.

I don’t know of any code samples for .NET in Rhino 4.0. But here are some for Rhino 5:

– Dale

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Good morning, Dale. I am very excited to receive your reply. The problem with description is really not well described.

I think you’re a real easy-going guy.

If I want to use an iterator to move a group of objects, how do I do that

Umm not to be negative, but trying to develop on Rhino 4 when we’re now nearing Rhino 8 is ridiculous, especially if it’s actually for work, you’re wasting time. It’s over ten years old. Dale here is probably the only person who’s going to be able to offer you any help, as opposed to more modern versions where there will be much more help, and the development tools are much better. It’s hard to tell from your questions if you even NEED to be trying to do this in C#.

Thank you for your advice. Many of my friends say the same. The R4 is old, but it works :rofl:

  • Dale was my lifeline

Well apparently not really if you can’t figure out how to move objects with a transformation matrix with it.

Matrices are really head-scratching.i looked through a lot of materials, Dale’s case of R4, and I looked through the forum posts in 2013. But I couldn’t find an example of that.
All things are difficult at the beginning, and I wish it would be easier later. Just like I just started learning VBS.