has errors (mainly spelling errors)


I’ve been going over quite a few pages regarding python on and really appreciate all the information that has been written down there! Thanks for that!
But I also noticed there’s a lot of spelling errors. First I thought it doesn’t matter but as the errors kept coming I decided to start keeping track of them. There’s at least one on almost every page I’ve visited. (do note: I’m not a native English speaker so I’m not 100% sure the ones I copied below here are wrong. I advice having somebody with a better suited background proofread those pages or at least just use an automatic spell check on the texts)

  • “Normally class names will capital letters and other identifiers will be all lower case.”
  • “To Python this is considered an end of statement character also.”

  • “The Python Dictionary object provides an key:value indexing facility.”
  • “Commas , sperate different key:value pairs in the dictionary”
  • “Below the answer will be also be False:”
  • Dictionaires can be used to control loops.”
  • “Dictionaries and be sorted by key name or by values To sort a dictionary by key using the following sorted() function:”
  • “It can be much faster to locate an object in a dictionary then in a list.”

  • “The library allows Python to be aware of the Rhino’s”

  • “In Python, a Rhino 3D point is represented as a Point3d structure.” - (link doesn’t work)
  • "Conceptually, Point3d exist in memory as a zero-based list containing three numbers.
  • “Using the Python’ ability to assign values to multiple variables at one, here are is a way to create x, y, and z variables all at once:”

  • " This control transparency of the color."
  • " This means you cannot set one channel by itself, but must always create a new color when creating trying to make a color."

Your mastery of English is clearly better than the fellow who wrote that documentation:

I just realized “RhinoScriptSytntax” is also written wrong in the description of two links I provided.

Thanks; I updated these documents. It may take a few minutes for the changes to show up in the web pages.

You might want to go over these pages as well.

It looks like we need to make a full pass through the site. Thanks